Written by: Lizzie Treetop

World out there please take note
After all the struggle, doubts and fear
This is my moment, this is our year
In fact this is my future this is my life
Dreaming, dreaming always dreaming
No more, no more, reality is here
And I am soaring to the stars
Climbing mountains like a rocket I’m off
No more alone, no more loneliness
No more crying out searching for a friend
He is here and I am truly blessed
I dance and I sing and my heart is full
My creativity is soaring ever upwards
My music blessed with a young man
Working together in unison my melodies sing
World watch out we are now quite invincible
Rejection is not in my dictionary I’m on my way
With all this strength I know we cannot lose
Oh yes watch out world, we will set you on flame!