X-Ray Eyes

Written by: James Loggins

I can see your lies for what they are
You tell me you have purchased a brand new car
But the truth is it is a piece of junk
That has a beat up engine and a hole in floor of the trunk

I can see what you fear the most
If you do not turn in that paper by tomorrow you’re toast
But I believe you will turn it in on time
Then after that everything will be fine

I can see your feelings of rage
You want your life to turn a new page
But your ex-wife continues to whine
For more alimony payments or else you will do hard time

I can see your feelings of hope
Of your mom not drinking anymore and your dad not smoking dope
But if you continue to pray
They will stop and sober up one day

I suggest that you be true to me
Because I can now see
Through every person’s hopes, fears, dreams, and lies
All because God gave me these x-ray eyes