A Fathers Gift

Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

Your frequent absence made me question,
your existence and your importance.
I contemplated your possible ingredients to my growth.

I gazed at the stars at night, feeling the connection.
Hoping that you were watching, the same star lite sky.
Hoping you were seeing, the same images, that I was.
where ever you were.

You appeared.
Then disappeared.
Like the light of a blinking fire fly. I tried to grab that firefly,in the nature of a baffling night,but when I opened my palm, there was nothing in sight. I couldn't fathom your inconsistency of light.

I know you and my mom didn't agree on certain things. Thus you spewed words that you both regret now. Since you left, I became a ball with out air, under clouds that cried nails and chunks of glass.I pleaded with mystical nature, like freshly cut fingers of grass,pleading to hold sunlight of spring again.My vision obscure. Questioning your love and fatherhood all the more,and SURE that could change. 

Like season, if you gave me a reason, for your absence and you did.I was walking to the supermarket.With my head down,hands in pocket,rotating change,to cheer mood, with queer sounds, of rhythmic jingles.

A hand roughly touched my shoulder,following with the words hey son!!!
where you going?

With perplexity I stopped. I turned slightly startled. A giant with facial hair,and a smile and a look, that some how made me forget, he was gone all the while. I gave him a hug. He gave me a bike and said hop on and look straight. He pushed and I peddled.After awhile,I looked behind me, he no longer had his hands on me,I was ridding alone.

Good job son! Keep going straight!

I laughed and did exactly that.
I rode my way to a happier day.
He ran next to me smiling with watery eyes. 
That explained every thing,
 that needed to be explained.

Then I realized he was guiding me,
with the absence of his hands,but 
remaining the presents of his fingerprints!!! 
His prints left instructions.



Sponsor:Destroyer ~ Poet
Contest Name:Any poem 

Written by:Elliott Bowe