Written by: david schaller

I dont understand how i Saw some things...
Like the origin of language on walls
        And the begging of time..
Is it only in your brain,
    to bring value and meaning?

I do not understand some things like 
   Where does it come from and how
Does it surface?
                       Does everyone feel
                           Or only the ones who know...??

I do not understand some concepts such as Doom, which i have seen.
Is it Good or Bad?
Can it bring quality of life?
It doesn't make sense to me and often times you can't even remember but then all of a sudden it bites you again! I just forgot what i wanted to write about Doom, but I've seen it
It's gone..
I had it explained to me once.

Are the answers written outside?
I see a lot of signs, but makes no sense 
Let the thought count, and not the word

I do not understand why I got to see