Dream Traveler

Written by: Melinde Guadalupe

Last night i travel again I remember i ride in an airplane I was talking to a stranger Most of them were foreign passenger When we landed i entered a building I saw a group of people that are experimenting I continue to walk and search for one thing I found out that they experiment a human being I wonder if it is really true Why I'm here? i don't have a clue So i run and run as long as i can Until i saw an ugly man He's face was already decay I scream and there's more in my way I don't know what to do but to run And I'm still lucky because i found a shot gun I need to look for a place to hide Or find a car or something i could ride I'm still wondering if this is the real world And then someone called and soon i got scold It's late in the morning but I'm still sleeping My sleep was deep because I was dreaming Then i realize the event was just a dream And i laugh when i think about the way i scream.