Wake Asia Wake - Part Two - 1

Written by: T Wignesan

                                         Part Two

Older in age 
                    younger in growth

  still heeding   His Master’s Voice

     the Great swirling dark illiterate masses

                     led by less than nought point nought nought nought nought nought nought nought to the power of 32

       who prefer nukes for toys
                at the cost of common everyday joys

These that hanker after the departed master’s pat on the back   

       for the Man-Booker
             for the National Book Award
                    for the Fullbright
                          for the Visiting Professorship and/or IIAS Fellowship
                                for the Ivy League-Oxbridge doctoral degree
    for in short the Master’s pedigree-conferring embrace

These who do not know  
            do not want to know
                 do not wish to know           
 will not know
      if there’s a difference 

   between a Genji Monogatari or the Monkey
   between a Sakuntala or the Gitanjali
   between a poem and a public parade   

These that will *******ons of postcolonial muck
And oblige their students to gorge every bit with spit
Just to stamp careers with their brainprints

These that will turn their coat
                                turn their tongue
                      turn their souls        
    for a Nobel

These that preen strut pout pose pretend 
          mouth ready to swill the millesium

  this bouquet mind you titillates the left corner of the upper palate
        like a petal unfolding in spring from a hymen

the dark obedient swirling masses lie dumb night after never-ending night
                    to ebola and dingue and chikungunya swill water
       shrivelling their cramped contorted viscera

(Continued in Part Two - 2)