Written by: Mohammad Yamin

All the charms of life evaporated in thin air
All the acts and deeds of prime of life behind
Face smeared with wrinkles and agony of despair
In the deserted dwelling facing times unkind

A picture of hopelessness an image of neglect
Deserted by friends and abandoned by the near and dear
Embittered by surroundings, environment imperfect
How can someone a falling edifice endear

His soul threatening to vacate the body’s falling mansion
His tongue tired of tasting the bitterness of attitude
His limbs reluctant to act on the mind’s dictation
His heart declining to lift the burden of solitude

Jettisoning the cargo of love like a wrecked ship
Like a frost bitten leaf crushed by ailment’s cruel feet
Dimmed and thirsty eyes bereft of sleep
The aching body eagerly awaiting its destiny meet

Sintra, Portugal.16-06-2012