Sleepless night

Written by: Nesma Alnsour

Nothing worse than a sleepless night,
My body’s a sleep but my mind’s wide-awake
With all the starts in the dark sky
None with enough light
I struggle to put my fears aside and my thoughts to rights.
Struggling, through the meanders of my mind
Screaming thoughts rumble and tumble exploding my head
When sleep finally finds it way to me
Nightmares sneaks in my bed
Causing such a fright 
Fights to scare sleep away
Living life over in my head
Afraid to go to sleep at night
Afraid to be alone or to make sound 
By five in the morning I wish I were dead,
There’s nothing worse than lying awake at night.
Screaming and hearing nothing but my echo in a moonless night 
With Closet monsters peeking at me
Wish to tightly clutch my teddy 
But all grown up and too old for a toy   
As the closet door creaks
I wait for this endless time to end
Hoping for the monster not to hold my leg
And for nightmare not to sneak on my bed
Wishing to sleep yet I’m still wide-awake
Feeling dead and wondering if I’m still alive