To Find Your Heart

Written by: Carol Eastman

Your heart is the home your life springs from
It’s in every word you utter and every sound you make
It’s in the actions and care you show yourself
And all that you give to everyone else

It’s in the wind full of actions that come from you
Becoming directed toward others just like you, too
Yes, first, you must surprisingly love yourself
Then begin to lend your strength to others to help them out

The Stranger becomes a friend who becomes a beloved one 
Then the line becomes a circle that spirals toward everyone
The actions coming from a kind hand will warm the soul 
That in itself, is the product of a beautiful heart, to know

To protect and to care becomes a need, it imparts
It builds like the wind in its need to blow sadness away
And all from a still place buried deep in your soul
That God had already given you so very long ago

In this busy and tragic world, this place may be hard to find
But it will grow if you practice kindness and keep it in mind