Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

Sleep well as I know you will, I can't find
the words to best express the way I feel,
but Ill say that I have been and always will
be a sinner, as we all are and have been,
but I was just hoping that my improvements
can be seen, perfection is hardly ever felt
or seen, even in a dream, remember Janeen 
I am only human being. 

I may not be religious 
but I am spiritual, I may not be perfect, but 
I am improving , I may not be fast but I move,
I may not be strong but stand for a while, 
I may make you frown today, but tomorrow 
I can try and make you smile,  I don't have 
a spoon full but I do have a fork, I don't have 
a car ,but Isn't is healthy some times to take 
a walk,I may not be so complex and genius, 
but isn't simplicity universal,I don't have a fancy
stove, but I do have wood and my scared hands,
wouldn't you prefer a survivor? 

My lows some how make me fly, even though 
you may not see me in the sky as I fly, or may
be I may not even fly but its better to try and
fail to fly rather than to not try to fly,
I may not be the sun but I am a twinkling star, 
I am willing to except and respect who ever you 
are and if your not willing to do the same,