All That I Was

Written by: Juliette Paterson

The fear and hurt both fade away, as I open my eyes to the cold light of day
Was it only 24 hours ago that you told me it's over, that I had to go?
How stupid was I to think your love was true
All of those years wasted with you
Well I shall not worry, won;t sit here and cry
What did you think, that Id' curl up and die?
Never again a fool will I be to love someone who never loved me
And one day you will be the one left to cry
And when that day comes, you'll think of me
All that I was and all I could be
So run along and start your new life, tell her you love her, ask will she be your wife?
For it won;t take me long do you finally see, to get over you as you have done me