Wake Asia Wake - Part One - 1

Written by: T Wignesan

It is night yet in the West
   and the planes land between listlessly burning tarmac lamps
   stealthy fingers scurrying through diadems of neons  halogens and amber
                                        Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
The cowherds’ bare blistered feet already trample yesterday’s dust into mud
    and cartwheels strain in crusted fissures where rains fell only once or twice 
    while dreams fester in cosy centrally-heated silken beds in luxury flats
                                        Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
Tomorrow is yesteryear’s planned strikes
     buses trains taxis office machines lie soundlessly asleep
     and will not wake until the battle over psychic comfort comes to an end
                                         Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
For You there is no respite  no pause
      no tea-breaks with cheese biscuits or croissants
      there’s only the last container to crane over the dock in unpaid overtime
                                          Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
Your eyes will hurt in the twilight’s hazy glimmer
      no time to brush your teeth nor shave in hot and cold running water
      nor the right to flush a toilet nor heedlessly course through in cosy tubes to work
                                           Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
The sirens rave through boulevards in broad night-light
       rushing hypertensic cardiac cases from their delight-full beds
       cholestrol and diabetic cane sugar within reach of every child in supermarkets
                                            Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
Let those who succeeded their former masters
       sip their sweet sweatless porto before the hors-d’oeuvres
       and flap their tabliers hiding their secret shame under cabalistic arms
                                            Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
Wake! there’s little time left for your own bickering differences to fester
        the dawn signals the tasks that lie ahead unfinished
        and the carrion hunters trained in their old master’s image club together
                                             Wake! O! Asia! Wake!
(Continued in Part One - 2)