The journey

Written by: Donald J Bennett

Some folks seek fame and fortune
Other folks scheme.
Some folks seek the righteous path on their way to eternity.
Some folks sweat and toil, others sail the seven seas
Some folks are born losers, others, dream of immortality but still arrive at their destiny 

The journey is a one-way ticket for you will not pass this way again.
Each day that is provided on our journey to our eternal rest
Is one day for each of us to help our fellow man, make a friend and do our level best.

The way will not be straight but narrow as you wind along life’s long pathway. 
As we seek our destination some will wander and stumble
While others find it helps to pray.
Whichever path we follow at our life’s journey end
When we all will have found the way.

All must blaze their own trail with guidance along the way
When the final chapter is written and we have all had our final say 
All the stories have the same ending; we all will have passed away.