A CRY for change

Written by: Ken Nwadiogbu

Her eyes leak and her mouth sobs
Her heart beats to the rhythm of the drums
Her leg shivers and her hands weak
On the actuality that a cankerworm has eaten deep

What an absolute notion of melancholy
A disgrace to the race of humanity
An avalanche of great pain
On the WORLD it pierces with dismay

Man kidnaps man, woman kidnaps woman
Blood against blood, funeral upon funeral
A nightmare, a scarecrow to one
What a breath taken downfall of man

Armed forces, wake up from your sleeping slumber
Humans remember that the other's your brother
Fight this maestro of maudlin deformity
And resurrect freedom to National unity

This is the CRY against KIDNAPPING

:: This poem was recited by me for the book launch of THE KIDNAPPERS written by Dr Nathaniel