Love me yes or love me not

Written by: john bernard

If it’s the ties that bind
It seems mines untied
What’s in my mind
That love’s so blind

Could see the truth
But did ignore it
I’m not uncouth
Just went straight for it

Chased love so true
Until I fell over
My head fell too
My feet were over

Was blind to much
But now I see it
Were mine to touch
But could not feel it

Cannot be blind
Must truly see it
The love I find
Must truly feel it

No pain no gain
I say bull to this
No pain my brain
Is truly bliss

Love me yes
Or love me not
It’s not a guess
Or evil plot

Love is deeper than any ocean
Love is stronger than any potion
Love flies higher than any sky
Love is there for you all to try

Our feet are the same
We can walk side by side
You can treat your love as a game
Or you can run away hide

If love is our future
I hope we’re not pasture
Cause I’m so damn sure
We’d feel some sweet rapture