Make Me Sleep

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

My craving soul keeps me awake
My inner turmoil jolts me when I doze
Night after night this toll I take
Droopiness rules, tranquility goes

The four-walls of my room squeeze me
The roof seems aiming to crush my body
In darkness dreadful images I see
Each wink a disaster, each breath a calamity

Spread your silky hairs on my chest
Let its soothing caress make me sleep
Let my breath your perfume digest
Take me to the world of slumber deep

Let the bough of your arms be resigned
Let the glow of your face in darkness shine
Let your body curves be entwined
Let your heartbeat mingle with mine

For my wounds you are the balm desired
You alone can free my soul from anguish
Your touch is what desolate heart aspired
Without you I’m like an out of water fish.

You alone can bring the serenity desired
Your captivating cheek on my bosom keep
You are the one my longing heart aspired
Let your enchanting perfume put me to sleep
Sintra Portugal. 11-12-2
Winner in Send Me To Sleep Contest sponsored by Poet- Destroyer -Judged on 10/26/2012