take a chance

Written by: diane christian

 I thought i would take a trip to
trafalgar square
but some one said there
may be some trouble down there
but I thought I would take a chance
 so I decided to take a look in advance
some one had hurt some one that was frail
so off the went directly to jail
who will pay the fine I do not know
but they got charged and then of they GO
I went to piccadily
and I went to leicster square
but my favourate  place will always be mayfair
I enjoyed all the places i had been
but the property market was the highest rent  that i have ever seen
so after my journey I went to kings cross staion  for my train
and will come back and play this game again.

iron                   Russell Sivey                    
car                    james christian (rawlin)
top hat              vienna bombardieri            
 skottie dog       diane christian 
boat                tristen temple
thimbal            nette onclaud              
shoe                  Andrea Dietrich
horse and rider    leanne christian

Banker                  Sara Kendrick

police oficer             skat 
monopoly person      kash poet