Dear god

Written by: Brandy Stallard

Dear god, 
Years have passed since Vietnam 
Yet every night I'm transported back 
Numb half buried in bodies 
Enemies, soldiers... friends 
Building buckling under fire 
Civilians screaming in the streets 
Hell on earth 
I prayed to you 
Every night 
'Please stop the madness' 
Save us, 
But your back was turned 
You chose not to see 
To be a coward 
Let us die for you 
We were abandoned 
Left to burn 
Alone, so alone... 
I am an old 
man now 
My body fragile, 
My health poor 
I know my life is ending 
I welcome death as a blessing 
Hell does not scare me 
Because I 
My soul long ago lost 
In the burning battle field of 
Dear god.