The Ambiguous Voter

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Be cold or hot  
with the faith you’ve got,
The lukewarm are headed south.
He vomits them from His mouth.
Be careful at whose table you eat;
if His Word is not welcome,
shake their dust from your feet.

A presidential pick 
A thorn’s poisonous prick
in the back side 
of the true Catholic.

True Christians carry the weight
of his obvious religious hate.
Backed by his Trojan ponies;
picked, power hungry cronies.

This administration
is an abomination.
An ongoing constitutional heist,
led by an obvious Anti Christ.

He delegates his power
like a golden shower,
sucked in by political porcelain receivers,
vortexing power hungry deceivers.

He laughs as he sees them scramble, 
for the crumbs of power he drops,
while he tears up the preamble
And reads his own minion props.

Even Christian voters, whose rights he destroys,
vote for him and his wily ploys.
The dark side and ignorance reigns supreme,
as they hypnotically vote to kill ,
their own American dream.