Velvet Minds

Written by: Amy Green

One more hot, deserted and silent road
I have chosen this path in life
This lonely domain of thinkers
Some neurotic, some shy, some bold-

Rare do I find those who belong 
in this domain-
When we do cross paths a jubilant solemnization
it is-
Only once in a silver raindrop does this happen
Share words and ideas- never anything to explain

As our velvet minds are then one

We sway, sing and dance with the trees
And wood nymphs only we can see- so rare
Fires burn bright- we travel to and beyond the heavens in one night
All under an orange moon, phantoms of Thinkers past, waltzing
with a slow seacoast breeze

Inside my mind I feel velvet
A delicate, downy cushion brushing my lobes
That feeling is like breathing fresh air for the first time
A sentience angels would covet-

As our velvet minds are then one