The road I took

Written by: Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq

Blame  me for the road l° took
Yes, you saw  me walk through it
But what else do you know

A choice l° made  while both eyes
Suffered from glychoma
But, l° did stare as far as l° could

It is my choice
Like a sail during a tempest
But l° am no christ

Did l° but have the luxury of choice
Like a beggar
l° wouldn't have chosen this part

Where torn are my marbles
Snakes, my children's dolls
Scorpion my crayfish

Blame me for the child l° have
l° chose to be raped
Who enjoys sex under assault and battery

Blame  me for being a convict
l° wish l° didn't own that parcel of land
That l° refused to sell to the Governor

Blame  me for failing that course
l° should have slept with that lecturer
l° wonder whether he has a daughter

Blame me for dating a cougar
My first class couldn't secure  ?e the job
I deserve good housing and accommodation too

Blame  me friend, for not believing in love
l° have an irreparable heart
How do you mend a broken glass?

Blame  me for being barren
l° allowed my boyfriend push  ?e into several 
He said l° should do it, if l° love him

Blame  ?e for prostituting
l° wish l° had parents
or maybe that education was free

My friend, always ask for the tale
When you have heard the story