Jaded eyes

Written by: Brandy Stallard

As I look at you with jaded eyes 
The child hidden within me silently cries 
So much responsibility you give me 
Knowing it is too much to bare 
And yet when I crumple under it 
You're angry I wasn't right, Wasn't enough 
A child that couldn't carry you 
Even though i tried so hard 
You were too heavy or I was too weak 
Now I'm old and worn 
Yet my life has just begun 
Disney was wrong 
There is no prince to save me 
Not from you 
The damage you have done is permanent 
Time can't heal the wounds 
Yet no matter how much I want to run 
I'm stuck 
No matter how much I want to leave 
I will stay 
To look after an innocent boy 
So I will never see another child with my jaded eyes