Written by: Carol Eastman

I spied a creature in my yard that was toadily cute.
I thought to write about this one, would so toadily suite.
A beautiful day followed in this toadmented pursuit.
This is a toadament to all toadtalaterians that I ramble on toadsweet. 
And I toad the line all day long, as I giggled often along the way.
This is toadily awesome became my song for the day.
Isn’t it toadily amazing, how many things there are to say!
When my hubby read it all, he agreed in a toadmented way.
Inspiration about a little toad is fun as fun can be, hooray! 
Still, he did toad me to be careful to toad the line.
Things still got topsy-toadly somewhere in the design.
But in the toadtality of things it was toadily OK.
Then I began to play toadily-winks with a dictionary. Yes! All mine!
Suddenly a toadal wave of words came flowing endlessly down the line.
And the dictionary showed a toadfish… well, what was I to do?
I can truthfully say toadday is unique and toadnight will be too.
But as things quietly tip-toad to an end for this czar of toadliness…
I’ll simply say I toad you so and in the toadtality of it all… God Bless!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.