Written by: MIKE GODMAN

I saw you once, if only in a dream
You were vibrant and alive, the way it seemed

Your hair was long and lovely, your features fine and small
I remember the beautiful music you left for us all

There's one thing for sure they say about you
I can clearly see now really is true

That your inner beauty is one of a kind
For any man could see that, even  if he was blind

You asked me to write it and I said that I would
But you don't even know me, so what made you think that I could?

I'll write your life and put it to pen
Perhaps then, you'll be set free to live again

I will say what's right, because it's meant to be
Then you'll be more than just a memory

They say  the angels all hear you sing
and I'm sure that they can

Still, I wait in a dream
To see you, once again......