Delusive Dream


Delusive Dream This world offers up A truly Delusive Dream To make myself happy, By taking milk from the cream. Giving to others leftovers, Not the best of which we’ve been blessed; Selfishness succeeds in this; We fail heaven’s test. Expensive homes and cars fail us; We become complacent so soon. Our souls are still empty; Filled only with darkness and gloom. With a world full of hunger And for water many do thirst, So how can we build mansions With pride to falsely burst? The Delusive Dream of satisfaction Can’t be filled by worldly things. Nothing permanently satisfied us— Whatever wealth itself brings. It’s only by doing for others And showing God’s love along the way, That brings true satisfaction That in the heart does stay. The world’s so caught up in the delusion Of this false Delusive Dream, That material things bring happiness— For others it may seem. The Delusive Dream is a lie Created for our deception. It’s loving others that brings happiness and true heart-felt satisfaction! Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012