Will I find a way

Written by: john bernard

I am lost in infinite spaceness
Who would want to chase this
With all the thoughts abound
Making me swirl around

If I am seeing the light
But then run out of sight
Must mean I'm not quite ready
For us to board by jetty

With the taking of time
Will I get past this rhyme
Or will it all get a hold
As each moment is like gold

Our time can be quite precious
And our time I will not waste us
With the giving of space
Ensue will the chase

Can freedom be the key
For me to just be me
When scared to move along
I can't be very strong

And vulnerable inside
As toddlers on a ride
Searching here for myself
Was I put up on a shelf

I had put me at the back
And set me right off track
Will I find a way
Out of this dismay

I will recess my loss
My garbage out to toss
The heart it hurts
Bleeds through my shirts

To much to show
Can't let it go
The time I take
Is a small break

I will be back
When on the track
I'm happy not
My nerves are shot

I'm shaking still
It's not a chill
Can I stay warm
Through this big storm

You see my friends
These are'nt the ends
These thoughts have been
I've gone and seen

Good-bye for now
I will say ciao
And even adieu
From me to you