Mirror Reflection, Can You Truly Reflect Me

Written by: Literrius Miller

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I see what’s there but is that all?
Do I perceive what’s truly me?
Or is there more than what i see?
 Past the surface and what’s within
Why can’t I see beneath the skin?
Something's there I know it’s true
But how can I see it what can I do?
Do I turn away to truly see me?
Because there has to be more than what you show to me
Or is it shown can I just not see
What may be there in front of me?
can i look at the surface and truly see myself
Am I able to see what I’ve lost and what is left?
How will I know how can I see?
Past my skin and deep in of me?
I don’t know maybe I will one day
It is my will so I know I may.