Enough is Enough

Written by: Francine Roberts

It's the seventh of June and the heat is turned on. 
Yesterday was sunny, but today that's all gone.
It's rained, it's blown, it's been downright mean.
This is the worst excuse for Spring I've ever seen.

I'm cold, I'm cranky, I'm sick of the rain.
This miserable weather's going to drive me insane.
About six days so far the sun has come out
but it doesn't stay long, of that have no doubt.

I miss the real Spring of warm breezes and flowers,
walking in sunshine, soaking up sun by the hours.
The rain and the wind have chilled me to the bone.
I wonder if Mother Nature will pick up her phone

when I call to complain, gripe and whine too,
to tell her this weather, it simply won't do.
Enough is enough , this has gone on too long.
Sunshine  come back here where you belong.