Inalienable Fundamental Rights

Written by: verlecia fields

i want to go home 
to a place where i (I )belong 
a place that holds values 
up to the light and fighting strong  
to hold my head up, high
because i (I) am with others who can hold 
there values to the light 
to walk hand in hand 
into any man-made fight 
and know, that we are fighting in the right 

to look into our sons, and daughters little faces  
and believe we have made, a much better place 

i (I) want to be free 
to know that no man has the right to seal from me 
not my life or take way any of my rites (rights) 

i (I) want to break bread with others of my own kind 
the kind who don't seal, kill, or bend others minds (mind-control)     
not even to receive, a piece of gold
set a top, a money mounted hill... 

i (I) want to believe that i (I) will someday 
be free.... 
free to walk, and talk beside you
knowing no man or woman has control over me!