Welcome 2 Stupidity

Written by: Milton Toran

I wanna write a poem,
Ideas are fairly dead;
As I lie here in my boxers,
Stupidity enters my head!

I'll share a word with my pup,
Discuss our vibrant laws;
I'll ask why I have fingers,
And why she only has paws!

Maybe I'll lie beneath the sun,
Or roll in the morning soil;
Perhaps duke it out with Popeye,
For the rights to Olive Oyl!

Shall I leap from a mountain top?
Bounce upon a turtle's shell;
Run naked along the highway,
I'm desperate, what the hell?!

I'll grab my funky bicycle,
Ride to the dollar store;
Buy a pack of gummie worms,
And chew 'til my cheeks are sore!

If I could go diving,
In an ocean far beneath;
I'd fight a drunken octopus,
And kiss a great white's teeth!

I'll flirt with a horny walrus,
Play chess with a chimpanzee;
Go fifteen rounds with a kangaroo,
And pretend I'm Muhammad Ali!

I wanna write a poem so bad,
Stupidity's what I fear;
I'll "sleep off" the tequila,
By dawn, all thoughts should be clear!