Take It To The Cross

Written by: Judy Radach

Jesus truly loves you.
    Oh yes, He really cares.
He sees you in your troubles
    and He comes to meet you there.
Just release your heartaches,
    don't hold them now because
He will bear your burdens
    if you take them to the Cross.

Take them to the Cross of Christ
    lay them down and leave them there.
Give them all to Jesus
    all your burdens He will bear.
He will lift them from you,
    and He'll take away your care.

You can be forgiven
    you can leave your sin behind.
You can find forgiveness
    and blessed peace of mind.
Confess all sin to Jesus Christ
    don't hold them now because
Jesus paid your debt for sin
    while hanging on the Cross.

So leave hem at the Cross of Christ
    those sins that you commit.
He will throw them all away.
    Your sins He will forget.
If you leave them there beneath the Cross
    and suffer no regret

May21, 1992