Review Deja vu

Written by: john freeman

Checking for precept in déjà vu preview Abstaining from the way monkeys do Building a meaningful relationship with you Will you be a precept of Adam’s rib come into view The concept of fleshly rib is just not déjà vu No logic of flesh has ever been true for you Seeking new wine of déjà vu preview From sacred heart playing it by ear for you I will ascribe to no bribe, of Pharisee scribe No carnal works of past hobbies shall abide We shall observe that which is true.. in the sky clear and blue As heavenly particles of spiritual bliss come into view The man shall command and flesh will not withstand Brides shall abide in beauty and pride of Agape confide For as the way a human concept see, is the way it shall ever be And the logic by which it sees… shall infest of fleas For as a man thinketh so shall he ever be… In the logic of self pride, until Agape confide Dedicated to Robbie, most current Agape hobby She encouraged the adamant… Agape, grown sloppy. by John Moses Freeman