Written by: Judy Ball

Write for me a love poem.
Use words I long to hear.
Tell me of your love for me,
And that you hold me dear.

Tell me that you love the way,
Light plays upon my hair;
That star light twinkles in my eyes,
And that you find me fair.

Tell me of the first time,
When you became aware,
That it was I who stirred you,
When first you knew you cared.

Tell me how your heart beat,
Increases when I'm near.
Tell me that to lose me,
Is your only fear.

Speak to me of moon light,
Soft breezes, gentle things;
Lovely words that touch the heart,
And cause the soul to sing.

If you cannot find the words,
To make my heart beat faster,
Then read some poems of long ago,
The sonnets of the masters.

They knew how to turn a phrase,
Could touch your very soul.
The words they wrote reach out through time.
Such words just don't grow old.

Speak to me of beauteous things,
Words soft as a silken glove.
Speak the words I long to hear.
Speak to me of love.