The Five senses

Written by: Blake Hannah

sweet lips press against my own,
I can feel myself grow flustered
skin burning bright red
I quiver finding myself drawn in
With a kiss you tease my senses
fingertips trace along my chest
the light touch making my skin crawl,
a soft sound leaving me
I blush finding myself drawn in
with a touch you tease my senses
You voice sounds sweet like honey
a gentle lullaby that drowns pain
silent, I listen intently
I smile finding myself drawn in
with a word you tease my senses
I breath in your scent drives me wild
so sweet, like the most delicate of fruits
pausing, taking the moment to savor
I shiver finding myself drawn in,
with your smell you tease my senses
I look upon your form,
eyes drawn back into your own
I've fallen in love with you,
your eyes, find me drawn in
with your beauty you tease my senses.