The Pimple

Written by: Larry Belt

Well I wrote a poem about my wife
But she said, "If you post it you die"
I said, "Don't worry babe you can count on me"
But she should have known that I lie

She had this pimple on the tip of her nose
And I couldn't help but stare
She thought I was listening to her every word
'Cause she didn't know it was there

Now that monster had me hypnotized
I even forgot how to blink
It looked at me with those come hither eyes
And I swear I saw it wink

Well that night we went out to dinner
To an all you can eat buffet
Before we left she said, "How do I look?"
But I didn't know what to say

Now the waiter was truly mesmerized
And my wife still none the wiser
She thought it was rude when he asked her politely
"Would you nose like an appetizer?

She excused herself to powder her nose
At least that's what she said
But when she got back, she had fire in her eyes
And said, "When we get home you're dead"

Well that pimple finally faded away
But my wife won't let me forget
I think she knows that I posted this poem
'Cause she's still not over it yet