Written by: Moeka Molise

Inline with the memories but out of phase with reality
Maybe it's because you say you're inlove with me but it's not what you're showing me
Lies from his lip a touch on the hip,
A kiss and a dip you trip,
Now I'm no longer your first pick

See it was all unfair
Cos with every stare I tried to share my emotional scar
On a darkened soul like tar, as i stand far
Like I was once your star dented by Cosmic Collisions Causing Chaos
It seems I don't know who you are

Magical Mystery.....
How a shot from a Bow to an Arrow through the Heart could cause Tragedy
Like it's trick or treat Cupid dressed for Halloween...
It's MIND GAMES...See I don't really MIND GAMES as long as they dont cause pain
So was it a MIND GAME juggling our hearts BLINDLY
Or am I just a victim of CUPIDS ERROR again?