I wish the wind could carry us away

Written by: João Camilo

I wish the wind could carry us away
to a hilltop where we see bellow:
a lake, the woods also a cottage
and then you would lean and allow
my kisses to blur the very image
that in your eyes I have seen today.
All trees are singing merry tunes,
like the music of your homeland.
Now, here is where you may find:
a heart that will not misunderstand
the pathways crossing your mind
among the distant desert dunes.
Near the house we see the future:
a garden blooming even if spring
is alive only in a nursery rhyme.
So many petals in a flower ring
that we keep distant the Time
that cannot give to love a cure.
But we have the best medicine,
which cannot ever be sold.
We gave her a three letters name.
Before the swing is used and old,
we will play our loving game
until the sun reaches its pine.