The Birth of Aviation

Written by: Curtis Moorman


It began with Orville and Wilbur Wright
Who had a vision of man in flight
They reasoned that if a bird can fly
What about man – why can't I

So work was started with a simple plan
That soon would lead to the flight of man
To see God's world from a view up above
Their work became a real labor of love

They both worked diligently day and night
To achieve their goal of man in flight
Eventually their dream came to fruition
And ushered in the age of space exploration

It led to much greater knowledge, and soon
Man even walked on the face of the moon
The Wright Brothers' vision has stretched beyond the stars
And now man is looking at walking on Mars

Due to the dreams of these flight pioneers
Who had a vision beyond their years
Man has been where none had trod
And 'played' in the veritable backyard of God

	Curtis Moorman
	1 June 2012