Looked Over Zone

Written by: Jessica K

Ah, the friend zone
An electric fence of limits
A barrier between eternal happiness
And an awkward end to friendship

The excitement in your voice
As her name spills over thy lips
Making my abdomen squelch
While I smile and nod carefully

Replaying every word, look, and deed
She's spoken to you these days before
Dates planned, events all set
I feel envy showering out my veins

Sometimes I wish I got the courage
To tell you how I felt everyday
But when you told me you loved her
I knew quiet I had to stay

A wedding destined for royalty
As we walk down the aisle
Step by step I lead the way
With the bride but a movement behind

Clothed in a title, Maid of Honor
Tears fall slowly drip by drip
Everyone gazes at the love between the couple
Why can't I feel happy too?

The only one to stir my heart
Betrothed to another
Looked over zone
With a secret crush