Master Valluvan, the long-misunderstood Tamil Mentor - Part Six

Written by: T Wignesan

Is poetry only meant for teaching what is time-honoured
what is authorised
what seeks not to rock the ship of fate

                              Part Six

Helas! My universally-renowned peerless ancestor!
                                                             I’d like to think
You’d be the first to have recognized the always changing world

The first to have accepted the parting of ways
     For your intelligence your foresight and hindsight
Your immensely powerful quill
                would have sought other remedies
     other means to convince
                                              a wayward world
a world far too gone and worldly-wise
      to hatch the nuances of your admonishing word
all afresh

N’empêche your name is a comet
hurtling down the ages

©T.Wignesan, December 2001, Paris, France (from the Sequence: "Words for a Lost Sub-Continent", 1999 )