Root of All 'Evil'

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

Tell me the objective life pursues
One lives to maintain adequate happiness
Satisfaction is like a drug: one will plateau from the stimulation administered and will be hungry for more
This may lead to selfishness
According to what are people expected to care about anything other than themselves when this obviously isn’t the perfect world?
Money or some source of trade is the main thing tying people to one another
Without this connection there would be no connection because people need other people ergo one reason for the production of deception
In life people naturally want to live without worry
People bring their descendants into this world but can only raise them based on their life learned lessons and principals but ultimately it is up to the individual to live a certain way
Only the individual knows the truth behind what drives their motives whether it be beneficial or malevolent to society
Essentially, it is a person’s belief of what comes after life
What is the purpose of life?