Ricochet-- a collaboration with the Dashing David Williams :D

Written by: binibining p.iNk

In a war long since forgotten,
the memories come raging black...stealthily,
                                                      in the silence

We envy their perfect aim,
a bull’s eye to the mind, assaulting the soul, making it yearn...Search 
amongst an impoverished scenery 
that’s seemingly devoid of reason...of heart, yet rich, so rich with blood.

Receding for miles on either side
lies hope—gasping, waning, dampening scorched wounds. 
...A sea of narrow lonely monuments
remain stoic. Waiting like dominoes, for peace to finally fall on them.

Again, thank you very much David for offering to help me by giving me these wonderful & inspiring lines to work on, you are so sweet and thoughtful to do so, :D. I don't think I could've come up with these lines right now if it weren't for yours...

David wrote the odd numbered lines, I the even numbered ones
 (ok umm, the 2nd line counts as one line up to "silence", hehehe)