This Land is My Land

Written by: Amy Green

Great untouched woods of the north
Where  pines still grow a hundred foot

Small valleys, no vast mountains
Where every few miles runs a natural fountain

We have an upper and a lower half
Summers so perfect- always sigh 'n' laugh

Wolves still howl in places far and deep
Moose and deer frolick, play and leap.

Surrounded all sides by the Great Lakes
The state one and only- make no mistake

Cities, huge, cramped, cacophonic clamor
Deep woods, so silent, rare a flashy glamour

Mute forests, harmony with nature some prefer
Shrill of streets, dogs, and cars some infer

Full of culture and fellowship- we citizens
This magical place of peace is my state- Michigan.

A. Green
Written for the "MY LAND IS MY HOME"  Poetry Contest
by Skat