Written by: Mar Star

You carried the responsibility in the formation of her gender to be a girl,
You promised to provide everything from her childhood til she became a woman,
You sacrifice your life to provide financially,
It is not enough financially to raise a kid,
If you lack to provide the emotional support a girl needs,
She grow's up to stump and fall all on her own,
She won’t hold any grudge because God fills the void,
You have your own problems from childhood perhaps adolescents that made you the man you are today,
Thankfully she concentrates on enriching herself with education and everything this world offers,
She still loves you because you provided for her and kept a promise to always be there,
She thank you dearly for teaching her principles, values, spiritual guidance, to be faithful , loyal, good citizen and responsibility,
Life has taught her to accept people and place herself in their shoes in order to understand them,
You’re still her father, she’s very thank thee and love thee for everything you have ever done for her.