Every Night

Written by: Marianne Nolido

And in the middle of the night,
I would hold my pillow tight.
I looked up in the ceiling,
as my tears falling.

It was keeping me awake,
how long will this nightmare take?
every detail I still remember,
how my life changed on a late December.

Struggling w/ myself,
to understand what he felt,
But it was clear, even if nobody would dare to say,
what took his life that month of May.

It was suffering & pain,
that collided w/ the rain.
one year, but seems to be eternity,
On how to handle the cruel reality.

It was the dawn of day break,
that I woke up during his wake,
to see if everything was real,
to know the numbness that I feel.

And it was never easy,
to wait & see.
how our life will be,
Or how I would let his soul free.

Every night I would still feel this way,
hoping that he stayed.
The tears blurring my sight,
of the longing I feel every night.