Hippy Love Chips 1974

Written by: Karen Deeks

hippy ... love chips How beautiful was it? 
The park by the beach with one caged panda and bedraggled peacocks...calling and flirting, as nature dictated 
Displayed by the sea 

Filled with crabs loitering by the inlet flow 
Who waited patiently to secure our sausagemeat on a string 
And rose embaressed and wonky 
Clutching by one claw 
Cross as grandma ... on a Monday 
Wash day 
Scrubbing stains .. 

How beautiful and memorable was that 1974 summers day 
As we bobbed in boats, as our brave, mad ever so handsome hippy father 
Stood precariously ( against the rules) and splashed our sodden frames with his cruel laughing oar 

How gorgeous was mother and fathers glorious young white teeth 
Which matched perfectly the beautiful lively tinkering forms of light 
Which danced upon said lake 

The very last time I saw her honestly... laugh with adoration at his jesting antics 
Hoping to impress 
Stretching his vibrant smile as a peacock in bloom 
It was a beautiful moment 

The last time I felt swaddled in the possibility of our family , hope and 
Love chips