The Man I Never Knew

Written by: Brittney Leonard

 I try so hard to remember you, but when you died I was only two.
I have nothing, not one memory of you. I guess you did what you had to do.

I have always heard that you were such a good man, and mom always said you had a gentle hand.
They say I have your eyes. For you, i've had many cries.

You had to know that you would be leaving us in a mess.
I have some resentment, I must confess.

I would have loved to have known you, and of us girls, who were you closest to?
What all places did you and I go?
When I was born, did you take me around to brag and show?
  What it's like to be a daddy's girl, i'll never know.

I had a good raising, I will not  complain. My mommow made sure, I had no pain.
  I have always thought about you though, and wondered how did your last day go.

 Did you give each of us an extra kiss? and think to yourself, "that's what i'm going to miss".
 Did you hug us a little tighter? and for a moment, you remembered when life was brighter.

 When you sat down beside that tree, what all exactly did you see?
          Three beautiful dark haired girls, and the fourth one with blonde curls.

I'm so sorry that life was so bad for you, but have you seen what all we've been through?

You pulled the trigger, and through the woods there was a loud sound. In an instant, our lives were turned upside down. 

Pain and sorrow is something our family knows to well.
I won't lie, sometimes life is a living hell.

I'm going to stick it out, so my kids won't have to wonder what I was about.

When they ask me about you, i'll show them a picture and say, he was a good man, and very handsome too, but he is the man I never knew.