The time of love


This time is the time,
when i forgot the time,
so much of love,
pains gone wid the time.

Memories bring back the time,
wen i laughed wid every breath tat i 
with thee besides me ,
never so innocent,never so cute.
i wondered is this what my life's goin 
to look!

Distance created a time,
a tym tat took our childhood away,
cometh then a time,
when i meet thee,
in the middle of nowhere,
i aint realise the time,
the heart gets a feeling,
that the time has come,
where the two departed souls have 
found their way back home.

Look at me now,
at this very time,
unconditional love,unceasable care,
undying smiles,unending happiness,
all with me at this very time.

Thou touched my heart,
thee loved me so much,
bitterness faded away,
magnificence smells from thee.

I want ta say to thee,
that with thee by my side,
every 'yesterday' that i saw with thee,
was once a wonderful 'tomorrow' for 
And with thee still by my side i know,
deep down that every 'tomorrow' 
that my eyes see,
is goin to be an unforgettable 
'yesterday' for me...!!!