An Old Woman

Written by: kathleen stevens

Beneath the shade of an old oak tree,
 there sat an old woman
 completely free,
 humming and singing
 an unfamiliar song,
 with sounds so sweet
 and words not long.
 Her white sun-kissed hair
 blowing like a running mare
 on the tails of the wind,
 and her tan leathery skin,
 draped with a dress
 vibrant in colors
 and apparently unpressed.
 A spell she cast on me
 as I sat near,
 how lovely, how serene,
 with smells of sweet flowers
 awakening in the spring.
 A warmth filled my soul
 as I closed my eyes,
 how peaceful was the never-ending blue sky.
 I could stay there for hours,
 no time was addressed,
 I had no where to be
 and, I needed the rest.