Heavens Doorway


Heaven’s Doorway Heaven’s Doorway is open wide All are invited in. There’s just one prerequisite— To be free from the taint of sin. God’s love and mercy Provides the appropriate attire; Your surrender is all you need; The faith that leads you higher. Heaven’s Doorway leads to happiness And joy forever and a day. With streets of gold and beauty rare, Waiting for all in array. The grass is so vividly green And the beautiful flowers never die. There’s no sickness or depression— No curse of sin’s the reason why. We’re all invited to the banquet Before Heaven’s Doorway will close. Don’t reject your invitation, Until entrance does foreclose. After midnight there’s no more entrance To enter the wedding feast above; The majority will be on the outside, Should they not accept God’s love. Heaven’s Doorway is still open And you are welcomed in. This is your invitation— Heavens Doorway to find within. Heaven is full of happiness And great joy will fill your soul. Enter Heaven’s Doorway; Your body and soul made whole. Entered into Gail Doyle's Heaven's Doorway Contest 27/5/2012 Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2012